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Caller Experience

Your Caller Experience includes how they are being greeted, what they hear while on hold, and what they hear when you don’t pick up. These components are your Auto-Attendant, Messages On Hold and Voicemail. Each of these provide crucial and often overlooked opportunities to market, brand, inform and direct callers.

Caller Experience

What are Messages On Hold?

Messages on hold are recorded messages that play when a caller is put on hold or call-parked during a phone call. These messages serve various purposes such as providing information about the company, its products or services and the latest promotional offer. Messages on hold are designed to keep callers engaged and informed while they wait for assistance, enhancing their overall caller experience and potentially reducing perceived wait times.

What are Auto-Attendants?

Another piece of the caller experience include Auto-Attendants. They greet callers with a concise and consistent experience guiding them to the right department. Auto-Attendants include sonic branding and marketing by promoting different products and services with the use of key-press options.

What are Voicemails?

A caller expects to reach someone when they call a business. So when you can’t answer, you should leave the best impression you can with that caller. Similar to auto-attendants, voicemails can be the first impression a caller has with your business. Having a concise greeting with clear instructions on what to do after the beep and when to expect a call back is crucial.

Wanna hear this in action?

Listen to an auto-attendant and messages on hold being used in a call setting.

Trust the Experts

Ace Media has provided thousands of customers with messages on hold, auto-attendants and voicemail greetings for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise has earned each of our customers trust in creating the best caller experience for their company.