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Digital Signage
for your
visual brand

Direct & Inform Increase Sales
advertise & entertain

Digital Signage
Time and money

Building out your sales and promotional material to be printed and hung every week, month, or year can be time consuming and costly. Digital Signage saves you TIME & MONEY by eliminating the need for costly printing services and materials that are thrown out once it’s used because of relevant and time sensitive content.

Instantly create, update and deploy your information and marketing material to an individual or multiple screens at the click of a button.

Set the right mood for your brand

Brand Your Brand

You have a captive audience, why waste visual branding by using local television? Let your customers know about YOUR BRAND through Digital Signage!

Add Your Ads

Avoid playing inappropriate ads or competitor commercials. Schedule custom advertising that impact sales and promote your brand.

Generate Revenue

Build additional revenue streams with digital signage ad placement for neighboring restaurant, insurance agent, pub, or whatever else is nearby.

Digital Signage content creation assistance

These are just some of the content categories perfect for Digital Signage

Every Digital Signage Subscription comes with 3 Motion Graphic Vignettes (<30 seconds) of custom branding video. Upload additional custom content into your Media Library or have our creative services team produce spots to meet your needs.

Online Digital signage Design Portal



Gyms & Spas

Digital Signage


Auto/RV Dealerships

Waiting Rooms

Increase Sales with Digital Signage

Replacing printed signs with digital signage increases your customers awareness with videos and motion graphics that engages your customers.  One screen can also provide you with multiple advertisements and instant updates and changes to display your most up-to-date marketing material. Using digital signage makes real time changes to your menu boards a breeze.  Inform customers of current specials of the day and items that may be out of stock or sold out.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Frequently asked questions

We recommend at minimum screen size of 42″, but 55″ or larger is preferable. Of course, room size, viewing distance, and specific intended use are all factors that should be considered. Regardless of size, the monitor needs at least one available HDMI Input and be located near a network jack for Internet access. A Reliable wifi signal, while less desirable, should work in most cases.

No. Ace Media will provide its preconfigured SignPlay 4K Smart TV Box that requires 3 simple connections: HDMI, Ethernet, and A/C Power.

The box is so light it can easily be velcro-attached to the back of the monitor.

Once you place your order, an ACE representative will reach out to discuss your plan for playback and help you decide on a content plan. You should be up and running within 7-10 business days.

Why risk displaying coverage of the latest disaster, negative news, or worse…a competitor commercial?

Deciding what content your captive audience sees is a much smarter use of the ‘wait-time’ opportunity and in fact, reduces perceived length-of-waiting time sfor your clientele.

No worries. As long as your content was successfully downloaded to your player, it will continue to loop. Scheduled content may be impacted as it relies on the time and date provided by an active Internet connection.

If you have other pre-sales related questions, please chat us or give us a call at 1-800-892-9179.

Our clients say

"The Hammer Agency has been with Ace since they started in 2003. We have remained loyal customers because of their commitment to service and quality productions."
Mike Hammer
"We have used AceOnHold for many years. Our customers get to hear about our other wonderful products while they are on hold not just random music. Ace is an excellent company that offers a great way to promote our Agency!"
Jessica Harrison-Wilkins
"I’ve referred a number of business associates to Ace Media. I appreciate the way they make my business sound so professional."
Faye McKnight
"Ace Media has improved our ability to let all our clients know about what more we can do for them. It adds value to our relationships and creates interest in our many products and offerings."
Amanda Escobar