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Stay Focused on Your Business

We’ve been producing messaging for telephone on hold, auto-attendant, IVR, and voicemail recordings for over 20 years. It would be our honor to put our professional, national broadcast quality production expertise to work for you.


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Why Ace Media Brings Value


Our voice artists are industry professionals that have spent years honing their skill to deliver your message with superb quality.


Our engineering and client success teams deal with hundreds of VoIP platforms & telephone systems. They know their stuff.


For over 20 years, we have earned the trust and loyalty of over 7500 businesses. We didn't achieve that without integrity.

We Value Your Business

You're not just an order number. We invest our time and attention in every detail to ensure your satisfaction.

We Value Your Time

We're responsive to every question and request you have in a timely manner. We don't leave you wondering what's next.

We Value Your Influence

Referrals are important to us. We know that every successful client interaction has the potential for additional opportunities.

Transparent Pricing

Non-subscription or ongoing access options available

Honestly. Nobody likes jumping through hoops or signing up for “free newsletters” to get one simple question answered,

"What's this going to cost?"

We’ve developed a simple, easy-to-understand approach to pricing that accommodates single-use, once-in-a-while orders, and frequent updates.

Pay-As-You-Go (non-recurring)

If you want a simple one and done solution with no subscription required, we’re happy to serve. Depending on whether you need us to write the copy for you, we charge between $1.00 and $1.20 per word for a finished recording. There is a 300 word minimum.

You’ll get a simple download link, good for 30-days, to retrieve your production in MP3 format. Of course, we want you to be thrilled so we also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

AceStudio Pro (optional subscription)

If you prefer to save your productions in a custom library so that you can create playlists as needed, then subscribing to our AceStudio Pro platform for $25 per month is well worth it.

Your AceStudio Pro subscription includes free content libraries, free address changes, multiple file format capability, over 200 music track options, unlimited saved playlists, holiday greetings and music, and many other benefits for frequent message updates. Telephone, chat, and email technical support provided.

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Recording Cost Calculator

Voiceover & Copywriting Services - Pay As You Go - No Subscription Necessary!

Enter the Script Myself

Write the Script for Me

AceStudio Pro

Optional Continued Access with Unlimited Playlist Updates

Create custom on hold message playlists that are brand-personalized with your business name and information. Easily reorder, add, and update your messages and music with drag-n-drop actions.


Continue unlimited access and playlist changes as you build your own custom library of message content. This is an optional subscription that helps you extend your benefits and get more mileage out of your productions.

$25 monthly

Dental On-Hold Message Studio

Playlist Updates

Create unlimited playlists. Mix up your content for variety and holiday music versions. Access the AceStudio 24/7/365 to create as needed.

Free Message Content

Includes additional messages designed for general business use or choose from a wide variety of industry-specific libraries.

File Format Options

Download your files in any format required by your VoIP Provider, including MP3 (Stereo or Mono), PCM WAV, uLaw, aLaw, OGG, and more.

200+ Music options

Choose from over 200 music tracks in a variety of genres and styles. Several holiday selections as well as tempo assortments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need additional assistance, give us a call at (800) 892-9179




We guarantee our files will work so long as your VoIP Provider allows you to upload custom content for Auto-Attendant, Voicemail, and Messages On-Hold. 


If you are using AceStudio, the downloaded file will be formatted instantly according to your VoIP provider settings.


Many VoIP platforms accept MP3 files, but if you need something different, just let us know and we'll help you out.

PBX phone systems can be digital, analog, or hybrid. You may be able to load your downloaded MP3 file through a configuration portal on your local network or save it to play through an externally connected On-Hold Player.

If you need an on-hold player, we sell both a standalone message player that does not require internet connectivity and also a connected audio player which you may update remotely.


Please note: On-Hold Players do not provide auto-attendant or voicemail features, they simply loop the message on-hold audio into the PBX.


Production and copywriting services are not subscriptions; they are one-time, non-recurring charges.


AceStudio Pro is an optional recurring payment subscription that allows continued access and other benefits that enable you to get more use out of your one-time productions.

Yes. We use Authorize.Net as our payment gateway with only tokenized information saved on our website (we only see the last four digits and expiration dates for reference).

Productions are non-refundable. However, we do offer a satisfaction guarantee so any refund request before using our production is considered in light of extenuating circumstances (you close your business before using the production, for example).


Your AceStudio subscription may be cancelled at any time. A refund will not be issued for failure to cancel your account before the billing period renews, and annual cancellations are not entitled to a prorated refund. You will not be eligible for any prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for during the subscription period.


Of course, we want you to be happy just like 99.9% of our clients. In the world of audio production, there is a difference between production "errors" and production "changes". Errors we correct for free. Changes mean charges. 


Clients who preview our samples, voices, and music, and then trust us to create their productions are seldom disappointed.


We are absolutely open to critique and we'll certainly correct pronunciation errors or delivery flaws, which count as errors.


However, if the source of your dissatisfaction is due to sentence structure, wording, or grammar that was approved before being recorded, additional charges may apply.

Terms of Service

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (800) 892-9179.

Yes. We have access to multiple languages which are quoted by request. Generally, you should budget 50-75% more and allow greater turnaround time, depending on the language.



Use the Light Bulb icon to Submit A Help Ticket via email and we'll respond usually within a few hours but definitely by the next business day.



Prefer voice-to-voice? Call (800) 892-9179 and follow the directory prompts to connect with the department you'd like to reach or leave voicemail.



During business hours, chats have the quickest response (usually within 30 seconds) and can easily be routed to the proper team member.

Simply drag music and messages into your playlist, press "Preview" to listen to your production. You may edit and preview your playlist as necessary until you are happy. Once you're ready, click "Download" and then save the file to your desktop or preferred location. 

You may submit address change requests using the Light Bulb icon to Submit A Help Ticket via email and we'll respond usually within a few hours but definitely by the next business day.


Changes in wording, sentence structure, and other content require a new production.