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According to research, the average lifespan of a website is 2 years and 7 months. So, practically speaking you should plan on a pretty significant overhaul about every 3 years. That could mean thousands out-of-pocket every few years in addition to monthly hosting and maintenance costs, not to mention the time involved to oversee revisions and design changes.

Ace Media created an ‘all-in-one’ subscription solution that provides you a professionally built website that’s managed and hosted at a low monthly rate without the upfront expense!

Choosing Ace To Build Your Site

Ace Media provides professionally designed, managed, and hosted websites for small and medium sized businesses who have outgrown the DIY stage. Successful businesses understand the value of outsourcing to competent partners who will help them achieve their website goals without having to become the expert themselves.

Sounds easy but in reality, websites usually end up being way more than most DIY’er’s bargain for. The result? An outdated, never finished site that falls infinitely short of the original dream.  We’re here to help! We’ve built tons of websites ranging from one-page visual brochures to full-fledged membership sites and eCommerce with thousands of products. 

Getting your website online is only the beginning. Security patches, plugin updates and new WordPress versions help keep up with the times and protect your online presence. Our hosting plans include regular maintenance with malware scanning and recovery protection so you’re free to “…forget about it”. 

Reduces Up-Front Cost

Don't have the cash to pay up-front for website design? Not thrilled about the DIY options or having to learn yet another portal? Get your site live for the price of one month's subscription.

Ongoing Maintenance

We automatically and routinely apply security updates to keep your site current with rapidly changing technology. Daily backups ensure restoration of your site in just a few clicks.

Saves You Time

Wishes to website in 2 weeks? Absolutely possible! Our goal is to simplify what some feel is a complicated process. We'll get your website going and you move on with your business.

Peace of Mind

Partnering with Ace Media to design, develop, and host your website gives you confidence that real people have your back. If issues arise, we're a phone call, email or chat away.

Ace Media web services

We’re here to help! We’ve built tons of websites ranging from one-page visual brochures to full-fledged membership sites and eCommerce with thousands of products.  


Choose from over 200 beautifully designed layouts while we set up the infrastructure.


Provide us all the content, even if it’s an outline of bullet points. We’ll do our magic.

Go Live!

Once approved, we’ll make the site public and then keep your site properly maintained.

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Frequently asked questions

There is no minimum contract or agreement length. We are counting on you loving Ace Media and banking on a long-term relationship.

Your main job is to choose a template, let us know your colors preferences, and provide content, or at least a thorough outline of what you want on your website.

Once the heavy lifting of launching your site is complete. Sit back and let us handle the ongoing maintenance. 

You simply let us know when you have updates or changes via email or support ticket. We’re not picky…even a quick phone call will do.

Once you place your order, an ACE representative will reach out to schedule your onboarding consultation. Barring unforeseen issues, your new site should be up and running within 10 business days.

No. Canceling your subscription will place your website in a cue for deletion. We will retain a snapshot of your site for 90 days in case you decide to return, though.

If you need a new Domain Name, you have two options:

  1. Have us acquire and manage the domain for you at no additional cost. Or,
  2. Acquire it yourself through a Domain Name Registrar, such as GoDaddy.

If you already own your domain name, then we will provide an IP Address and you may work with your domain name host to properly point your Domain Name to our web server.

There are two ways to update your site:

  1. Submit your updates to us via email, support ticket, chat, or phone. Or,
  2. Login and make the updates yourself.

Your subscription includes a small allotment of time for us to handle changes. Major updates may require additional development time billed at a rate of $75/half hour.

If we registered your domain, you may elect to pay $75 to cover the effort to transfer the domain to your Domain Name Registrar.

If you choose not to transfer your domain within 30 days, the URL remains the property of Ace Media.

Great question! There are numerous ways to get a website done for far less that what we charge…OR SO IT SEEMS.

If you are okay with the DIY approach or have “a neighbor who does websites”, Cool! We may not be your best choice.

However, if you’ve been down that DIY road and decided your time is better spent working ON your business than IN your website, then WE are that solution.

With up-front out-of-pocket reduced to the price of a monthly subscription, we get your site live and keep your total cost of ownership within a predictable and manageable budget.

If you have other pre-sales related questions, please chat us or give us a call at 1-800-892-9179.

Our clients say

"The Hammer Agency has been with Ace since they started in 2003. We have remained loyal customers because of their commitment to service and quality productions."
Mike Hammer
"We have used Ace Media for many years. Our customers get to hear about our other wonderful products while they are on hold not just random music. Ace is an excellent company that offers a great way to promote our Agency!"
Jessica Harrison-Wilkins
"I’ve referred a number of business associates to Ace Media. I appreciate the way they make my business sound so professional."
Faye McKnight
"Ace Media has improved our ability to let all our clients know about what more we can do for them. It adds value to our relationships and creates interest in our many products and offerings."
Amanda Escobar