Marketing through scent can create an emotional bond between brands and customers.

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From the aroma in boutique hotel chains to the scent of brand-new Apple products, smell plays a major part in establishing a brand’s identity. We’re used to visual and auditory marketing, but scent marketing is a burgeoning field that has room for great emotional impact on your customers.

Our sense of smell directly connects to our memory. The hint of a familiar aroma can trigger specific memories, good and bad, of smelling that scent. For example, the scent of hamburgers cooking on the grill could prompt the happy memory of family cookouts from childhood. Customers’ pleasant memories can be evoked through successful use of scent, forging a positive emotional connection to your brand.

Our ability to recognize a smell after elapsed time is greater than our ability to recall information from sight. Studies have found that people are able to recall a scent with 65% accuracy one year after first being exposed to it, while they were able to recall an image with only 58% accuracy a mere four months after seeing the image. Are these stats making you reconsider your visual marketing efforts yet?

In-Store Aroma
Incorporating scent at your place of business can happen in a variety of ways. Signature scents are created to go hand-in-hand with a brand, like Singapore Airlines’ aroma Stefan Floridian Waters, which is infused into their towels. A brand’s signature scent should be just as unique and impactful as the brand itself!

Aroma is used in businesses to create a pleasant environment. They’re not meant to overwhelm customers, but to make a customer’s in-store experience pleasant. Whether a business wants customers to be relaxed and calm or energized enough to shop for a long period of time, scent provides a unique opportunity to connect with your clientele.

Marketing with Scent
If scent is a major part of your brand or products, utilize it in unique ways! Dunkin Donuts ran a scent marketing campaign in Seoul, South Korea in 2012. Public buses were equipped with machines that released the scent of coffee each time a Dunkin Donuts radio commercial played. The results were speak for themselves: Dunkin Donuts shops near bus stops saw a 29% increase in sales and a 16% increase in visitors to shops throughout the city.

Keep It Clean
The modern world is full of manufactured odors: shampoos, perfumes, air fresheners, chemical cleaners. Some people have scent sensitivities or allergies that cause a range of symptoms when exposed to these scents, from debilitating headaches to rashes. Work with fragrance dealers that are in good standing with the International Fragrance Association to ensure you’re not introducing harmful chemicals into your business.

Our next installment will focus on the marketing power of taste.