Media Services for Insurance

Choose one or more of the solutions below to leverage the power of the senses to make your brand memorable. Create experience that sets you apart from your competition in the minds of your customers. Ace Media has been delivering quality branding solutions to insurance offices since 2003.


Access over 80 channels of today's hits and timeless classics, specially curated the boost the mood for employees and customers alike. Optional branded announcements are interjected periodically to supplement education and remind listeners of relevant topics and timely promotions! 100% legal for business. Easily change channels, mute, and adjust volume from any smartphone or computer. (Internet connectivity and office sound system required)

$50.00 each / month

The standard option includes 12 imaging spots and equipment necessary to connect and stream music channels using a wired Internet connection.


Custom telephone productions for inbound announcements, on-hold messages, voicemail greetings, auto-attendants, call-trees, and IVR prompts. Pricing is PER LOCATION.

$50.00 each / month

The standard option includes a library of messaging options that are personalized with your company name. Choose a word allotment that sufficiently covers unique products and services, as well as any specialized auto-attendant recordings you may need. Note: Messages On-Hold require around 50 words to appropriately convey a topic.


Digital signage and menu board platform that works with any HDMI input equipped monitor. Remote access and management enables content updates and status monitoring. Price is PER SCREEN, which is defined as a unique signal streamed into a location. Note: That signal can be distributed to as many monitors at the same physical address as necessary, at no additional cost.

$50.00 each / month

The standard option includes digital signage player use, tele-tech installation support, graphic design templates, and up to 3 vignettes (<30 seconds) of custom motion-graphic design ($120 value).