Allstate Approved Services

Choose one or more of the solutions below to leverage the power of the senses to make your brand memorable. Create a sound, sight, and scent experience that sets you apart from your competition in the minds of your customers. Ace Media is a long-time participant in the ALLSTATE SELECT VENDOR PROGRAM APPROVED.


Create custom playlists featuring compliant Allstate-approved messages that are personalized with your Agency name and information. Easily reorder, add, and update your messages and music with drag-n-drop actions. Allstate Greeting Builder included at no extra cost! Pricing is PER LOCATION.



Access to nine channels of today's hits and timeless classics, specially curated the boost the mood for employees and customers alike. Allstate-branded announcements are interjected periodically to supplement education and remind listeners they are in Good Hands! 100% legal for business. Easily change channels, mute, and adjust volume from any smartphone or device by scanning a QR code that links directly to your music streaming device. (Internet connectivity and office sound system required)

$39.60 each / month

The standard option includes 12 imaging spots and equipment necessary to connect and stream music channels using a wired Internet connection.