aceOnHold PLUS Renewal

aceOnHold PLUS Renewal

From: $299.00 / year

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Subscription Length

1-Year, 2-Year, 3-Year, 4-Year

aceOnHold provides instantly personalized on-hold messages to inform, cross-sell and even entertain your callers during transfers and hold times.  Using our Do-It-Yourself web portal or our Auto-Update Service, it is now easier than ever to optimize this opportunity to communicate with your callers with personalized content that is both relevant and timely to your audience.

Here’s how it works: We collect your unique information (Name, Agency, Address, Landmark & Hours) and then our engineer works with our professional voice artists, both male and female, to record/mix/produce the entire Allstate-approved library of on-hold messages which are then posted to your online account.  Then, you’ll have 24/7 access to create and download unlimited on-hold message playlists.

Playback options: At the PLUS Level of service, we create and deploy new monthly playlists on your behalf, plus many additional features!  If you opt for the BASIC service level, you will simply download your playlist(s) and save them to the player media (USB or SD Card) or upload them using your VoIP system portal.  In any case, we provide complimentary technical support to ensure proper playback.  Equipment needed for successful playback is “loaned” on an as-needed basis (all you pay is shipping).

Increase Sales With ace On Hold Messages

Leverage your callers’ hold time to up-sell and cross-sell products and services ranging from Your Choice Auto® and Your Choice HomeSM messages to financial products, Claim Satisfaction GuaranteeSM, online payment options, teen driving and more.

Why Businesses Use On Hold Messages

A recent survey of companies, including over 300 Allstate Agency Owners, provided these responses when asked why they use on hold messaging:

  • Building image and professionalism: 74%
  • Promoting the sale of products and services: 72%
  • Avoiding silence on hold: 58%
  • Entertaining or informing callers while waiting: 56%
  • Preventing callers from hanging up: 31%

One Allstate Voice

Many callers may not realize the breadth of products offered through Allstate and on hold messages are a great learning opportunity. You can easily coordinate on hold messages with our overall corporate marketing efforts. If your agency is bilingual, a limited number of messages are also available in Spanish and Polish.