• Announcements Upload


    Bring Your Own Announcements

    (Upload existing productions and we’ll handle it from there!)

    You may have customers that have in-house capabilities or would like to use productions they already have. No problem! We will provide the necessary post-production or “audio sweetening” so that they integrate smoothly into our music streams at the correct volume.

    Minimum fee of $25 for up to 5 messages of up to 30 seconds each. Please use the “Upload Announcement” link to provide the productions. We will review them and confirm that they are suitable for use.

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  • Announcements Voiceover


    Dry Voiceover Reads

    (Provide the script for us to record and deploy!)

    Have us professionally record your announcement scripts using our house talent in either male or female voice. This is for recording & production only. If you need us to also write the copy, CLICK THIS LINK

    Minimum fee of $50 for up to 5 messages of up to 50 words each. Please use the “Add Announcement” link to enter your script copy and select your voice preference. Be sure to include any special directives or phonetic instructions that will help us get the pronunciation correct on the first take.

    IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: Scripts will be recorded AS SUBMITTED. Additional charges will apply for redos that are not the original wording. In other words, if you change the wording after you hear the production and decide you want it worded differently, that is a NEW SCRIPT, not simply a re-read.

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  • Announcements Voiceover & Copywriting


    Complete Announcement Production

    (Turn-key solution – WE write, record, & produce)

    We handle everything. Research your business, write the copy, record the production, and output in your desired format. Simply provide us with a bit of direction and we’ll take care it from there. It’s our turn-key solution for when you need someone to “Just Do It.”

    Minimum fee of $360 for up to 6 messages of up to 50 words each (30 second spots). Simply complete the survey below to provide any supporting material available and send us on our way!

    The speed of the entire process really depends on how much feedback and input you provide and how quickly you respond to any questions we may have. The milestone approvals along the way include approvals for script copy and final audio recordings.

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