Benefits of keeping your on-hold messages updated

Not the Same Old Song and Dance: The Importance of Updating your On-Hold Content

Changing your on-hold messaging on a frequent basis may seem like another administrative task you can afford to put off. Sure, it’s easiest to set your messages and forget them, but you might be missing out on improving customer satisfaction and additional revenue.

Set an Expiration Date

Let’s face it – nobody enjoys hearing the same song over and over. The same holds true with on-hold messaging. Part of the issue is that small business owners don’t regularly call their own business and ask to be put on hold, so they tend to forget about the customer experience side of the equation. Playing the same thing every time someone calls your business may give your customers the distinct impression you don’t have anything new to say. Be strategic and set a reminder or “expiration date” to change out your on-hold playlist.

Mix it up!

Even if you’d like to keep some of the messages in rotation, change up the background music or voicing to keep things interesting. Mixing up on-hold content keeps customers updated on the latest and most accurate information available on your business. We suggest monthly updates to your content, giving you the opportunity to try out new messages and highlight the current happenings at the company. If monthly updates seem too high maintenance, then make them quarterly at a minimum, to stay in touch with the seasons.

Some on-hold providers offer the benefit of Automatic Updates where your on-hold provider takes this “to-do” item off of your list and ensures you always have the latest, greatest messages.

Frequent Changes = Higher ROI

Survey statistics from the On-Hold Messaging Association show that small businesses that change their on-hold messages 6 times or more per year are more likely to attribute an increase in sales to hold messaging and describe it as a useful marketing tool they’d recommend to other businesses.

Companies that keep content updated were also more likely to utilize their messaging in a variety of ways. The more creative you can be with your content, the better. A good on-hold provider should be able to help you craft content in ways that really let your customer know you care.

Incidentally, even companies that don’t change messages on a regular basis experience a sales bump over not having a solution in place: 24% of survey respondents said they could attribute specific sales directly to hold message marketing.

Source: Online survey to OHMA and AMA (Europe) clients, April 2012



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