That smell reminds me of...

Our sense of smell can generate up to 75% of our emotions.
Harness the power of scent to create a richer environmental experience for your customers and your associates.

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Take olfactory control

Influence mood and behavior. Get customers in the holiday spirit. Transport them to an exotic location. Take them back to a different time. Connect on a deeper level with customers by drawing on powerful emotional associations with smell.


Scent your brand

Our vast catalog ensures we’ll have the right scent for you – from the tried-and-true mainstays to exotic olfactory concoctions. Create your own branded scent with the aid of our highly trained engineers. No matter the size of your space, a wide range of delivery options – from spot locations to HVAC delivery – gives you full control. Use a subtle scent to create atmosphere or make your scent the centerpiece of your in-store experience.

Scent Sticks

Create an air of professionalism in private offices and small areas with dry Scent Sticks. Scent Stick starter kits include 6 sticks and a green glass tapered vase. Stands about 12 inches tall with sticks. No liquid, so no mess! Each stick is infused with a pleasant aroma of your choosing or your signature scent for corporate programs. Intensity can be controlled simply by adjusting the number of sticks in the vase. Desired level of scent should last 1-2 weeks. Refill packs include 12 sticks and may be purchased in quantity online.

Scent Spot

Improve the mood in your office through scent! The Scent Spot continuously releases bursts of fragrance throughout the day, with adjustable duration settings.

Scent Spot uses dry air scent beads to deliver your favorite fragrance or corporate signature scent. Good for areas of 250-400 square feet.

Refills are automatically shipped on a monthly basis, serving as a reminder to change out the scent pack.



Scent Stick Danglers

Send your signature scent home with your customers with these convenient—use anywhere—Scent Stick Danglers. Every breath will remind them of your excellent service.

These scent sticks can be branded and packaged for convenient distribution to your clients. Use them as giveaways at events or mail them out with your compliments as a creative thank you.





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